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Cavitation ultrasonic unit AUZH-100- "FOTEK"

This unit is effective for treatment of purulo-necrotic and infectious inflammatory diseasesof various localization. Compactlow-frequencycavitationalultrasonic unitAUZH-100 "FOTEK" is used:

      * in purulent surgery - for treatment of phlegmons, trophical ulcer, bedsores (decubitus),"diabetic foot" and etc;
      * in obstetrics and gynecology-for treatment of colpitis, infectious anddystrophicdiseasesof the external genitalia, for the prevention (prophylaxis) and treatment infectious inflammatory diseases during intrauterine interventions, includingfor treatmentof postpartumendometritis;
      * in combustiology - for treatment superficial and deep burns;
      * in otorhinolaryngology - for treatmentchronic tonsillitis, sinusitis, pharyngitis, rhinitis;
      * in thoracal and abdominal surgery - for treatment purulent pleuritis, pancreaonecrosis;
      * in military surgery (Military field) - for treatment gunshot (bullet) wounds.

More informationabout unit is presented in section "Controller".