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   In gynecology, urology, gastroenterology, otorhinolaryngology, traumatology and orthopedics; thoracic, general and plastic surgery, and in all other areas of medicine where surgical interventions are used for cutting and coagulation of soft tissues, for ablation of neoplasms and ligation of vessels are used units of company "FOTEK", which combines advantages, qualities of radiowave, traditional high-frequency and argon plasma electrosurgery. Broadband radiowave ESHF-coagulators are presented in different modifications and put into practice of surgery contact and contactless (including argonbeam) monopolar and bipolar methods of cutting and coagulation tissue.

   In the section "Standard set" you can find sets that include units, electrosurgical instruments and accessories which recommended in different field of medicine. More information about modes of the units company "FOTEK" is presented in section "Controller for unit with broadband radiowave and argon beam modes".